Sylvia and Mohamed might be facing the chop from the Big Brother house on Friday night – but only one of them seems worried.

Sylvia or Mohamed will be the second housemate to be voted off the competition via the public vote.

But a chirpy Mohamed was heard singing I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly and The Beatles’ hit Let it Be.

He asked fellow housemate Stuart: “Can I give you a spank?” before saying: “Diary Room cheered me up. I was in discussing about today and tomorrow, and I was like, hey – let it be.”

The toy demonstrator continued: “One question they asked me – and I think I’d like to share this – is ‘sum up your time here in three words’.

“I said ‘flamboyant’, ‘fun’, and the other one wasn’t one word: ‘experience you’ll never have again’. I couldn’t do three words. I’m not good with vocabulary.”

In stark contrast, Sylvia has been emotional and tearful as she worries about being booted off the show.

The 21-year-old student is right to be concerned – bookmaker Skybet has put the odds of her going at 1-33. But the other housemates seemed less worried about her possible departure.

She burst into tears in the Diary Room, saying: “I feel like my journey is not finished yet. I’m gonna really miss a lot of people in here who I really believe are my friends.”

But later she declared she had “mentally prepared” herself to go.