Nathan Dunn has become the fourth person to get the boot from the Big Brother house, after losing out to John James in the latest eviction battle.

The 25-year-old from Yorkshire received a whopping 89 per cent of the public vote.

Nathan had been the bookies’ favourite to be evicted after previous nominee Caoimhe – one of only two people to actually nominate him this week – chose him as her replacement after she won the Save And Replace task.

However John James was convinced that he would be getting the chop on Friday night – so much so that he stood up and began putting his jacket on before Davina McCall announced who was going.

The Australian looked shocked upon hearing that he was staying – while Nathan appeared to be unphased by the news that he was going home.

Afterwards – having left the house to a mixed response from the crowd – Nathan confessed to being quite overcome by the whole eviction process.

“You’re in a protective bubble in the house and then afterwards it’s lights, camera, action – you’re a bit out of your comfort zone,” he said.

During his interview he also discussed his role as house cook. “I actually love my cooking, big time,” he said, but admitted he should not have spent so much time on it. “I do regret sulking around in the kitchen all day,” he added, “I wish I’d let my hair down a bit more.”

And he had strong opinions on his fellow housemates, describing Josie as “marriage material,” calling John James a “moody sulky little kid” and speaking out in praise of Ben. “He’s the most selfish man I’ve ever met but he is so funny,” he said.