Three new housemates have made their Big Brother 2010 debut, after they were beamed into the house by ‘spaceship’ on Friday night.

The trio – dressed in shiny spacesuits and helmets – arrived shortly after Nathan Dunn became the fourth person to be evicted from the house.

First to be introduced prior to entering the house was Keeley, a 30-year-old travel agency manager from Manchester.

She was followed by 19-year-old Andrew, who is currently studying maths at Oxford, and said he wants to show that people his age can be “educated” and not just “drunken lager louts”.

The final new housemate is 22-year-old cabin crew member Rachel. The bubbly Liverpudlian said she wants to do Big Brother for “the experience, and to meet new people”.

Both Keeley and Rachel were already familiar to the others as they were among the 81 prospective housemates on launch night. However Andrew was not at the launch as he was taking exams.

The housemates were made aware of their arrival after being sent a message by fairground dummy Bob Righter which read “You’ve just witnessed Nathan’s demise, now it’s time to look to the skies.”

They all ran to the window in time to witness the trio descending towards the house in a giant spaceship which touched down in the garden.

As they speculated as to who how many people might be arriving, the ship touched down and the three emerged, their identities hidden by space helmets.

When they eventually revealed who they were there was much screaming and excitement among the housemates, especially as several of them began to recognise the new arrivals from launch night.

Later, Big Brother laid on champagne to celebrate the trio’s arrival, while friendships began to form.

Ben, Mario and Dave were particularly keen to get to know Andrew while Corin said she had been “buzzing” since Rachel and Keeley arrived.