Big Brother News Flash: Chanelle to quit?

Chanelle has apparently packed her bags and told the other housemates that she’s ready to leave Big Brother.

The 19-year-old had been upset with on-off boyfriend Ziggy after a late-night heart-to-heart in which he told her he was “half the person” he used to be since embarking on their yo-yo relationship.

Faced with their umpteenth split, Chanelle brooded on the conversation overnight and then stunned housemates on Sunday morning by dressing up in her best clothes, packing her suitcase and telling them she was about to walk.

“I’m going home,” she told the twins, Sam and Amanda. “I want to go home.”

There was an immediate and emotional response from the other housemates. The twins cried and Gerry pleaded with her to stay: “How can you do this to us?” he asked. Chanelle replied: “I’m not happy.”

As Chanelle prepared to leave, an oblivious Ziggy was telling Liam that he couldn’t bear Chanelle’s ups and downs. “I’ve never really been involved in something like this,” he said. “She’s up and down so much. I just feel like maybe I’ve ruined her journey.”

If Chanelle follows through on her threat to leave, the journey could be over sooner than he thinks…

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