Big Brother: Nicky branded ‘argumentative’

Big Brother nominee Nicky launched into a tirade against fellow nominee Gerry last night after he predicted she would be nominated for eviction.

The 28-year-old – who is facing the public vote for the second week running criticised the Greek gallery researcher after he predicted out loud that she would be in the running due to her “argumentative” behaviour.

“I’d like to known whom it is I was argumentative towards,” she said to him, but Gerry refused to answer.

“I said I had a general feeling from people that you are argumentative,” was all he would say, but Nicky wouldn’t let it lie.

“I’d like you to explain why you think that. If it’s so obvious surely it should be there on the tip of your tongue.You assume things, Gerry. You being an intelligent man should know it’s wrong to assume.”

Eventually Gerry dubbed the conversation “ridiculous. You know very well who these people are,” he said, “I don’t have to tell you.”

“You obviously both do,” pointed out Charley, “that’s why you’re both up. But she’s dealing with it. You’re finding it hard.”

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