Big Brother: Nicky evicted!

Nicky has become the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, ahead of fellow nominee Gerry.

The 28-year-old, who received 76 per cent of the public vote, had been the hot favourite to get the boot ever since nominations were revealed on Monday.

She had been nominated for the second week running, but was reprieved last week after the public chose Charley for the much-hyped ‘fake’ eviction.

Although Nicky had said she was ready to go, she was still shocked at the news, expressing worries about the boos she heard from the crowd outside.

“I’m terrified, they’re booing me,” she said. Charley was quick to reassure her, saying that both she and Gerry had received a mixed reaction.

Meanwhile Gerry, who had taken the news of his nomination badly, cried after the announcement was made. “It means I have one more week!” he shrieked, hugging Carole.

Nicky will leave the house later on Friday evening.

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