Big Brother: Nicky’s a comedienne

Nicky has been making her fellow Big Brother housemates chuckle after being given a secret mission – to perform stand-up comedy.

The 28-year-old – who is the favourite to be evicted this week – was called to the Diary Room on Wednesday afternoon and told that she had half an hour to prepare a two-minute routine that would bring some humour to the house.

She was provided with a pen and paper which she was told to keep secret from the other housemates – and was also told that she had to pretend the routine was her idea, and not a secret mission given to her by Big Brother.

She was also provided with the opening joke for her routine, then went into the garden and began a conversation about classic gags – referring to the fact that the housemates had to tell jokes at their audition and then launching into the one that Big Brother had given her.

The housemates listened politely, except for Charley, who got up and walked away midway through Nicky’s second joke – and almost ruined the mission, since all the housemates had to be present for the punchline. “We’ll have to wait now,” Nicky complained.

Fortunately, Charley returned to hear the punchline – and as such Nicky was successful, winning a takeaway of her choice for the group.

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