Big Brother: No sleep for Carole

Carole has been complaining of having a sleepless night due to her fellow Big Brother housemates staying awake until the crack of dawn.

The oldest housemate whinged to fellow early risers Laura and Nicky after the alarm went off at around 10am on Thursday morning.

“No-one will get up when the noise comes,” whinged Carole. “They’re so selfish.”

“The ones who don’t move are the ones who come into the bedroom and wake everybody up. They can’t just come in quietly and go to bed.”

The 53-year-old went on to tell Laura she had asked the others to be quiet three times during the night – and she also complained about the amount of food they had eaten.

“They ate a loaf of bread and lots of eggs last night and the milk’s been left out,” she pointed out. “Charley and Liam just lie in bed all day!”

“I don’t disturb them,” she said, “and everyone deserves to have a bit of peace and quiet at night.”

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