It’s an all-girl battle in the Big Brother house this week as Caoimhe, Corin and Ife have all been nominated.

After 34 days in the house, the housemates were asked to vote for the fifth time.

As in previous weeks, the Save and Replace task will determine which of these housemates will actually face the public vote – and which currently ‘safe’ housemate could be joining them.

Big Brother told housemates that newcomers Andrew, Keeley and Rachel would nominate this week – but could not be nominated.

And Keeley and Rachel were the first to feel the nerves.

“It’s Nominations today. Who the hell am I going to nominate?” asked Rachel anxiously. “We can’t be wimps now – that’s why we came in.”

Earlier in the day, Ife admitted to Corin that she tries to avoid other housemates on nomination day for fear of being influential.

Ife said: “I was never paranoid until other people made me paranoid. Do you notice that you can never find me on Mondays?

“I’m trying to stay away from everybody, just so no one thinks I’m trying to influence them.”

Caoimhe managed to save herself last week by beating John James in the Save and Replace task.