Big Brother: Nominations reduce Jonty to tears

Big Brother housemate Jonty hid and cried in the caravan after having to nominate fellow housemates for eviction for the first time.

Jonty was found in the caravan by fellow housemate Carole, who tried to comfort him.

Carole said: “It’s a very horrible thing to have to do, whether you’ve known people a little while or a long time.

“It’s difficult but it is one of those processes that we know we’ve gotta do.”

But Jonty, a 36-year-old museum assistant, continued crying.

Carole added: “no-one will think badly of you.”

“All of us know that we’re together for a short time. We don’t know each other very well. Some people you get on with, some you don’t and it is a television show.”

Jonty was still upset at having to single out members of the house for eviction when he liked them all.

He said: “I would so much have preferred it if there was somebody that I didn’t get on with, but there isn’t anybody.”

Carole was careful not to break Big Brother rules about discussing nominations, warning: “We can’t say too much.”

The housemates who receive the most nominations will face the public vote later this week.

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