Big Brother: Nominees mull eviction night

Nicky and Gerry have been sharing their feelings about possible eviction with their fellow Big Brother housemates.

Both were restless in the early hours of Friday morning – ahead of the evening’s eviction – and headed into the garden to talk to the others.

“If I was up against Charley, she would be voted out,” Gerry told Liam. “But against Nicky who is a sneaky character…she’s been very unpleasant, and you can’t just say anything to her any more without her picking up a little argument just for the sake of it.”

“She’s the kind of grumpy person who picks up on people,” he added. “I’m the kind of grumpy who cries.”

However, the 31-year-old remained philosophical about the possibility of being voted out by the public. “You have to accept both. You have to be prepared to stay – and to go.”

Nicky, meanwhile, found herself in the garden as dawn broke – and she was in a very different frame of mind.

“”I can’t sleep because I’m excited and nervous,” she told fellow night owl Charley. “I am confident – I just hope they’ve shown the real me.”

Usually I always focus on the negative,” the 28-year-old account executive pointed out, “but I keep thinking to myself – ‘I’m so privileged to be here’ – so I’m grateful for that. I’ve enjoyed this week.”

Unbeknown to Nicky, she is the red-hot favourite to be voted out tonight, with Paddy Power shortening her odds yet again on Friday afternoon, to 1-200. Gerry is 22-1 to get the boot.

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