Big Brother 10 housemate Tom Oliver has become the third contestant this year to walk out of the house, following Saffia and Kenneth.

The 27-year-old, one of five new housemates who arrived in the compound just over a week ago, made his excuses and departed in the early hours of Sunday morning, saying he didn’t want to be “part of a circus”.

Earlier in the week he had threatened to walk but made his intentions more obvious on Saturday night.

“It’s not challenging, I just find it boring,” he told Rodrigo – and elaborated further in a chat with Marcus.

“Everyone’s in here for massively the wrong reasons,” he said. “I was never here to be some famous dude.”

Siavash and Charlie helped him pack his bag before he left. “I’ve done a week, I’m happy,” he remarked before he finally went. “There’s no-one here on my level.”

Tom’s departure comes just days after Karly’s boyfriend Kenneth – who arrived in the house at the same time as him – escaped from the house by scaling the wall.

Single mum Saffia was the first housemate to leave voluntarily, earlier in the series.