Big Brother: Now Ziggy wants out

Big Brother housemate Ziggy has put in a request to leave the house, following a row with Charley.

The 26-year-old model told Big Brother he wanted to quit on Thursday morning after his fellow housemate branded him a “pervert” on Wednesday night, for having a relationship with 19-year-old Chanelle.

“Someone’s very, very young and using words which they don’t really know the meaning of. Words that could be detrimental to somebody,” he said. “If my parents heard that I was a pervert they’d be distraught.”

“Charley uses words and she doesn’t know what they mean. She’s called me it once so God knows what she’ll call me again.”

When asked, Ziggy admitted that nobody else in the house had accused him of such a thing.

“Never, never, never. No one has ever done that before in my life. I’ve never been called anything close to it,” he said “and it’s so far from the truth it’s disgusting.”

Last night Jonathan told Big Brother that he also wanted to leave. Both he and Ziggy are still considering their options.

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