Big Brother: Offal surprise for housemates

The Big Brother housemates were thrilled when Brian won them emergency food supplies on Thursday night – until they saw what they had been given.

Shortly after the 19-year-old had correctly answered all the questions in a quiz set by Big Brother, Sam and Liam went to the Diary Room to collect his prize – only to discover that they had been supplied with a box full of offal.

“Why have you given us people’s hearts and kidneys to eat, Big Brother?” ranted a shocked Sam. “This is like something off a murder film!”

Opinion was divided among the other housemates over the gruesome haul – which also included lentils, cabbage, chickpeas and cider.

“I’d like to make a casserole with them,” suggested Jonathan, while vegetarian Carole was also enthusiastic. “You can braise them, very nice,” she said.

However, Charley was appalled, while a horrified Chanelle took to her bed sobbing, and had to be comforted by Ziggy and Nicky.

“I couldn’t eat a heart,” she said tearfully. “It’s disgusting. Sorry to put a downer on your cider night.”

She eventually recovered enough to join the others at the table when the food was dished up.

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