Big Brother: Party shock for twins

There were celebrations in the Big Brother house on Wednesday night when Sam and Amanda won themselves a belated birthday party.

The pair landed the prize after passing a telepathy task which Big Brother had set them – in which they had to guess what the other twin was drawing.

After both drawing a man with a beard at the same time, the party was theirs – and having been told they could invite a guest each, they asked Liam and Chanelle – who was replaced by Nicky after saying she felt too ill to attend.

However, there was a shock in store for the partygoers when they went into the Vestibule to discover a table laden with party goodies.

Because although the sandwiches, cakes and milkshakes provided by Big Brother looked tempting, they all tasted disgusting. Not only did the sandwiches appear to be filled with Slop – the current staple diet of the housemates – but the birthday cake was in fact filled with corned beef.

The twins shrieked when they initially saw the table laden with treats – but Liam was instantly suspicious. “Be careful of the food,” he warned. “It might have horrible things in it.”

And as the quartet discovered the truth about the party food, the other housemates, watching from outside, could barely contain their giggles.

See how the guests enjoyed their party – or not – in our photo gallery

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