Big Brother: party task passed!

The Big Brother housemates have won themselves a luxury shopping budget for the week after being made to endure a lengthy children’s party.

The event – which Big Brother staged to celebrate its ‘birthday’,saw party guests Sam, Amanda, Gerry, Nicky and Ziggy made to have fun for hours on end or risk upsetting Big Brother.

Meanwhile the others – Carole, Tracey, Charley, Brian, Liam and Chanelle – provided the party entertainment.

Charley and Tracey – who played clowns – failed their part of the task after failing to master juggling. Brian also failed in his role as party musician.

However this counted only as two fails since Charley and Tracey performed as a duo – hence the housemates still passed the task.

The party started on Tuesday afternoon and inititally the ‘guests’ were delighted with the party food, ball pool and party games.

However, after several hours of being made to play games and do dance routines – or risk upsetting Big Brother – they became bored and weary. The party eventually ended in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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