Big Brother: Pat on the back

The Big Brother housemates successfully completed their duet-singing task on Saturday – but there was a surprise in store for the winners.

The challenge saw Amanda, Sam and Brian performing A Whole New World as Jordan and Peter Andre, Ziggy and Liam being transformed into Kylie and Jason to sing Especially For You, and Carole and Jonty becoming Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton to perform Islands In The Stream.

Having been told they had done well in the task later on Saturday evening, Big Brother informed the group they would have to decide which of the three duos gave the best performance.

Since Ziggy and Liam had broken the rules of the task by using their lyric sheets during their performance, the housemates ruled them out of the running – and instead declared Amanda, Sam and Brian the winners.

The trio then went to the Diary Room to collect their very special prize – which turned out to be little more than a T-shirt bearing a picture of EastEnders stalwart Pat Butcher.

A Pat on the back in other words.

“You’re kidding me! How funny is that?” said Ziggy as the others were rendered speechless.

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