Big Brother: ‘People’s puppet’ Michael is unmasked

The Big Brother house was left reeling in shock on Friday night after ‘people’s puppet’ Michael Dylan’s true identity was unmasked.

The 29-year-old had been posing as a postman during his time in the house – but had secretly been working for Big Brother and the viewers to stir up trouble among the contestants.

However they learned the truth about the Irishman shortly after the first eviction of the series had seen Sallie Axl leave the house.

After presenter Emma Willis announced that Michael would be leaving that night, the housemates were shown footage of how his elaborate cover-up had been achieved throughout the week.

And they largely took the news well, clapping and cheering at his performance – although Wolfy Millington appeared upset by the revelations and sat on the sofa with her head in her hands.

Afterwards Michael admitted: It was intense but it was a nice challenge, it was a lot of fun” – adding that he did alter aspects of his personality depending on how the public vote had gone. “

You can’t just be a character who’s mean all the team otherwise you’ll be hated so it changed on a daily basis depending on what the public chose,” he explained.

Michael was also reunited on the outside with Sallie – with whom he had clashed during his time in the house.

He fell foul of her on the very first night after choosing to shred the housemates’ suitcases instead of his own – while she later promised to make his life a ‘living hell’ in the wake of the first round of nominations.

However the 26-year-old appeared unsurprised by the news – saying she “knew from the off” he was an actor.

She also used the opportunity to take potshots at Michael throughout his interview – constantly interrupting him as well as branding him “a fake horrible person”.


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