Big Brother: Perfect Housemates

The Big Brother housemates are to undertake self-improvement challenges in this week’s shopping task – with their place in the house at stake.

On Sunday morning they were instructed to pack a bag with essentials for the next two days and then informed they would be going back to basics in the quest for perfection.

In a further twist, they were told that everybody was up for eviction this week – and only those who are successful in the tasks will escape nomination.

Over the next two days, the housemates will be set a series of tasks aimed at improving their minds, bodies and souls.

Big Brother has set the scene further by removing all material possessions from the house, and replacing the housemates’ normal clothes with basic, simple clothing.

The housemate who performs the best in each category will become a ‘guru’, be given a nicer outfit to wear and become exempt from the public vote.

As well as taking part in the tasks, the housemates also have to head for the “circle of life” which has been set up in the garden whenever they hear the sound of a didgeridoo.

The circle consists of a series of tree trunks and each housemate has to crouch on one of the trunks, slowly unfurling their body towards the sun when they hear the sound of a lone female vocal, and dancing to the sound of angels singing.

If the housemates fail less than five of the individual tasks they will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget – however five or more fails will count as failure of the entire task and they will be on basic rations for another week.

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