Big Brother: Pizza the action!

The Big Brother housemates have been rewarded with a stack of pizzas after winning a trivia quiz.

Details of the challenge were revealed on Saturday evening when the housemates were shown a selection of pizzas sitting in the vestibule – and were informed they had to beat Big Brother in a general knowledge quiz in order to win them.

Jonty got things off to a good start, setting Big Brother a history question they failed to answer correctly, while Brian triumphed with a teaser about the date Neigbours was first shown in the UK.

Big Brother also failed to correctly guess the twins’ song lyrics puzzler, but did know the answer to Liam’s sporting question.

Eventually – having scored four out of eight – the housemates were summoned to the Diary Room and told they had to equal or beat Big Brother’s score to bag the prize. “Heads are gonna roll if we don’t get those pizzas,” Brian pointed out

Happily, after a string of questions on such diverse topics as Girls Aloud, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, football and Gandhi, the final score was four-all – and the hungry housemates received their reward.

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