Big Brother: Public ‘get Charley out’

Charley has become the sixth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, with a massive 85.6 per cent of the public vote.

The 22-year-old had been the hot favourite to get the boot over fellow nominee Tracey, who escaped eviction for the third time.

Charley looked shocked to hear the booing from the crowd outside, who were chanting ‘get Charley out’ very loudly before her name was announced.

Nonetheless she looked relieved to have been voted out. “Thank goodness,” she said before turning to Gerry and the twins for a consoling hug – but the crowd was still very much on her mind.

“They were chanting ‘get Charley out’ really angrily,” she said, “but I’ve got to hold my head up high.”

Other housemates, including Chanelle and Brian – both of whom have had huge rows with Charley in the past week – looked stunned at the news of her eviction.

She will leave the house later on Friday evening.

Shortly after Charley’s eviction, five new arrivals – not six as was widely reported – will enter Big Brother’s Halfway House, which is adjacent to the main house.

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