Big Brother: Questions, questions

The Big Brother housemates have been set their latest task – which involved answering questions about themselves.

Before each of them went into the house, they had to ask themselves a question which they would want to ask themselves if they were still in the house after a few weeks.

Big Brother reminded them of this on Thursday afternoon, and gathered all the housemates in the living area to watch the footage of them asking the questions.

They then had to answer their own question as honestly as possible. The task was just for fun, with no pass or fail at stake.

Brian, when asked by himself who he really fancied in the house, admitted to having his eye on Amanda – while the twins were confident that they had, in their own words, “converted enough people to wear nice dresses and become pretty and have curly hair”.

Chanelle answered yes to the mysterious question “Chanelle, do you think you should have done that?” while Ziggy said “maybe” to the question “Do you think she enjoyed it as much as you did…really?”

Meanwhile Charley was honest about whether she was proud of her journey in the Big Brother house.

“I’m proud of some things,” she said, “but some things I wish I hadn’t said this, or I hadn’t said that.”

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