Big Brother: Rachel’s a nervous nominee!

Big Brother housemate Rachel has shown signs of being nervous about Friday’s eviction, despite saying she is not worried about her nomination.

The 24-year-old – who is facing the public vote for the first time this week along with Stuart – appeared to be resigned to her fate as the announcement was made to the house on Tuesday evening.

“That’s OK,” she told the others, who appeared shocked by the news. “I knew that.”

Moments later, however, she was showing signs of panic in a chat with Kathreya.

“I upset people about the cake,” she said, following her decision to vote the hellish housemates the winners in last weekend’s Bake London task. “The clever thing to do was to choose Heaven’s cake.”

But Stuart – who simply grinned when his own nomination was announced – disagreed. “You don’t know the reason, it could be any reason,” he pointed out. “It could be tactical. You won’t win it but you won’t go.”

And despite reassurances from the others, Rachel appeared convinced that she would be getting the boot come Friday.

“I’m not worried,” she insisted, “I’m not going to hold it against people. Stu, you’ll be stuck for another week!”

Rachel received six nominations in total, from Lisa, Mohamed, Nicole, Stuart, Rex and Sara

Stuart, meanwhile, had five votes, from Darnell, Kathreya, Rex, Mohamed and Nicole.