Big Brother: Raving good workout

The Big Brother housemates have donned rave gear for their weekly workout – and one of their number was delighted.

Tracey greeted the news with enthusiasm. “Get in!” the self-confessed raver yelled, although the others appeared less keen – particularly the boys, who dressed in brightly-coloured tutus for the task.

“I’ve never worn anything so stupid in my life,” moaned Brian.

Other housemates were given flourescent clothes to wear, including a brightly-coloured hair decoration for Carole and pom-poms for the twins.

Big Brother then put them through their paces, as they worked out in the garden to a series of rave tunes – and given the hot weather, quickly became exhausted. “It’s baking,” Brian complained. “Shouldn’t we have done the raving last night?”

And Gerry wasn’t happy either. “I’m so tired,” he whined afterwards as he slumped on the sofa in the living area. “How can they do this to us? I’m too old for this.”

See images from the workout in our photo gallery .

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