Big Brother: Rex and Belinda face eviction

Big Brother housemates Rex and Belinda will face the public’s eviction vote on Friday, according to reports.

New girl Belinda‘s snoring has been a source of irritation to the group since she joined the show. She has been nicknamed Belinda-snorus by the others.

Before entering the house, Belinda said that she wanted to meet warm, honest, wild people who would inspire her. Sadly, they seem to have been put off by her nocturnal noises.

Rex, meanwhile, has been the centre of controversy since ‘Spit-gate’, when he defaced Jen’s painting and caused the row that eventually led to Dennis spitting on Mohammed.

“My job is to be a professional bully,” chef Rex said in his Big Brother audition. “People always tell me to stop being aggressive.”

Now the Sun newspaper is reporting that the pair have gathered the most votes from housemates and will face eviction in Friday’s show.

The action kicks off at 9pm on Channel 4.