Big Brother: Rex and Belinda react!

There was a mixed reaction in the Big Brother house on Tuesday evening to the news that Belinda and Rex will face the public vote this week.

Rex – who has made no secret of the fact that he wants to leave the house – was thrilled when his name was announced. “Yes!” he shouted.

The normally perky Belinda, however, had a more subdued reaction. “I told you,” she said simply to the others. But the other housemates had other concerns – namely the number of nominees. “It can’t be two again,” groaned Dale.

Afterwards Rex assessed his chances of getting the boot, during a conversation with Mohamed in the garden.

“I feel great,” he told him, “honestly, really good.” But further questioning from his fellow housemate revealed a different side to the chef.

“You know what I’d like to say, Mohamed,” he admitted, “some people in here really don’t like me.”

And when they were joined by Dale and Stuart the four of them tried to think of reasons why Belinda might survive Friday’s vote.

“Just ’cause she’s new,” Rex suggested, “and I think they’d want to see how she copes in different situations and also because she gets good information out of people.”

“The only reason she’ll stay,” Stuart pointed out, “is if you’re disliked more.”

The bookies however tell a different story. According to Skybet, Belinda is currently hot favourite to get the boot on Friday with odds of 1-7, while Rex is 4-1 to go.