Big Brother‘s Rex flew into a rage at Lisa and Luke after housemates received a picture of the girl they had said was prettier than his girlfriend.

Hidden among the weekly shopping was a framed photo of the petite blond that Luke and Lisa had picked out of a line-up during the cops and robbers task, after Big Brother had asked them to identify Rex’s girlfriend.

Luke spotted the framed photo and yelled: “It’s girl number six!” The pair had chosen ‘suspect’ number six – but Rex’s girlfriend was actually number three.

Following the task, Luke and Lisa made much of the fact that girl number six was a ‘real beauty’, with Lisa adding that girl number three was ‘the type of girl you see everywhere’.

Rex couldn’t contain his anger at seeing the photo and ranted at Lisa and Luke before throwing it on the floor, shouting: “She’s awful, she’s awful… Are you saying that she’s better looking than my ****ing girlfriend?”

Calling the pictured girl ‘four out of ten’, Rex went on: “**** you, that’s a ****ing insult. My girlfriend is 50 times better than her.”

Later, Lisa and Luke laughed off Rex’s outburst and stood by their original judgment that girl six was far prettier than Rex’s love.

Luke told Darnell: “She was perfect, and not orange and plastered in make-up.”