Big Brother 9 housemate Rex has been given a welcome surprise, in the shape of his girlfriend Nicole – who has become the replacement housemate for Maysoon.

She entered the house on Friday evening shortly after Luke‘s eviction, as one of Big Brother’s ever-changing ‘special prizes’.

Housemates were told that a prize was in the storeroom, and the door opened to reveal that Nicole was waiting in there – much to Rex’s shock.

“Oh my God! What the hell is going on?” Rex shrieked as the pair hugged and kissed. “I missed you,” an emotional Nicole told him.

The other housemates could barely believe what was going on. “It’s like a love story,” cooed Lisa, while Dale pointed out that now Nicole was in the house Rex would have “nothing to say now.”

And as the shock began to sink in, they realised that Nicole had been placed in the Hell part of the house, while Rex remained in Heaven.

However as one of Big Brother’s ever-changing special prizes, she was later allowed to cross the divide and be reunited with Rex properly in the Heaven side of the house.

Nicole is now a fully-fledged housemate and is eligible to win the show. She will also be immune from next week’s nominations.