Rodrigo Lopes has finished fifth and Charlie Drummond has come fourth in the final of Big Brother.

Brazilian-born Rodrigo – who made his mark in the house with his on-off fling with Charlie – had at one point been the favourite to win the series.

However he was ultimately the first out in Friday’s final, receiving 11 per cent of the public vote.

Charlie received 13.2 per cent of the public vote.

During Rodrigo’s eviction interview he told Davina he had loved “every minute in the house”.

“I was not expecting to be on the show, and I’m really really happy that everyone in the country accepted me. To make it to the last day just means so much,” he said.

“I’m sure my family are really glad I’ve been on the show, and being here is the chance I have to tell everyone how much I love this country. I feel that I am British.”

However, he denied that a romance with Charlie was on the cards. “I like him very much, we have very similar personalities, but we are just friends,” he confessed.

He was also treated to video footage of his relatives in Brazil wishing him luck.

Charlie also denied in his interview that there was any hint of a romance with Rodrigo. “He’s just a mate,” he told Davina.

He did however admit that he had “grown up” during his time in the house, “Although I promised my grandma I wouldn’t swear and I promised my sister I wouldn’t kiss anyone” – and said that his mother, who has been seriously ill, would be happy he had done so well.”

“My mum knew I wanted to do this – I didn’t think I’d get on, and I did, she will be so proud,” he said.