Big Brother: romance on the agenda

Ziggy and Carole spent part of Saturday night in the Big Brother house having a gossip about the blossoming romance between Liam and Amy.

Having been the focus of in-house romance for several weeks before Chanelle left, Ziggy said it was great to see Liam so happy – but that he wouldn’t be jumping into any more Big Brother relationships.

“Much as you try not to get roped in, it’s very hard not to in here because there’s not many places to go,” the 26-year-old pointed out. “That’s why I said to him earlier, I’m done with women full stop.”

“I wanna stay well away from all women in this house now. If there’s a woman in one corner, I want to go in the other corner. I’m not gonna get roped into anything.”

“It’s so nice to have space,” he added. “I miss Chanelle but the space is cool.”

“You can just do what you like,” Carole agreed. “Like this afternoon, you could just lay out and get the sun, have a sleep, you haven’t got anyone hassling you.”

I do find it weird her not being here, though,” Ziggy told her, “I always thought that Chanelle was extremely natural.”

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