Big Brother: Sam’s rant!

Big Brother twin Sam has shown another side to her bubbly personality, after a Diary Room rant about her current living conditions.

The 19-year-old – who is exempt from eviction this week after attaining guru status in the shopping task – made her feelings known after going to the Diary Room on Wednesday night.

“I’m bored,” she began. You haven’t given us no food. You’re making me a slave and I hate it cos I feel like I’m on a cleaning show. I feel like I should be getting paid for it. I hate it! I feel like Cinderella!! It’s so boring.”

And she went on to criticise her guru costume – which Big Brother has told the gurus they must wear until further notice in spite of the self-improvement task being over – calling her wig and beard “itchy and disgusting”.

“Why do I have to wear it?” she whined.

“Because you’re a guru, Sam,” Big Brother promptly told her.

“But gurus are meant to feel important, and I feel like a slave,” Sam pointed out.

Big Brother tried to cheer her up by reminding her she was immune from eviction but this only served as a brief distraction, as Sam went on to describe the atmosphere in the house as “horrible”.

“Everyone is stressed,” she said. “You should give us alcohol and cookies, then it will be better.”

“I’m depressed. I hate cleaning. I might need anti-depressants. For real!”

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