Australian housemate Sara has finished third in Big Brother 9 – leaving Mikey and Rachel to battle it out for the crown.

The 27-year-old – who entered the house four weeks in – polled 30.1 per cent of the public vote.

She was given the news at the end of the first of two live final shows on Friday night – but will not leave the house until later in the evening.

Sara told Rachel and Mikey she was “fine” after being told the result.

“I’m so happy to go,” she said, “I’m excited about my interview. This is it!”

Sara – whose dalliances with both Stuart and Darnell made an impact in the house – was one of three late arrivals, who joined the house on Day 30.

She arrived at the same time as Belinda, who was evicted a fortnight later, and Maysoon, who walked out after four weeks.

Afterwards, she told Davina that she did not bear any malice over the way in which Darnell treated her – and admitted they had become close.

“I forgive him, I don’t hold a grudge and I feel since that moment we’ve become stronger and stronger.”

And she added that she couldn’t believe she had made it to the final night.

“I never thought I’d get to the final, I thought I’d be in the house for a week or two so I’m so shocked that I’m here now.”

“I always thought I was quite annoying and my voice was quite irritating, so maybe now I’ve made it to the final day I’m not as annoying and my voice isn’t as irritating as I thought!”