Big Brother: Shabby saves herself!

Shabby has saved herself from Big Brother nominations this week and chosen Mario to face the public vote in her place.

The squatter was the only one of the nominated housemates – the others being Govan, Dave and Ben – to successfully steer a scooter down a ramp and through two rows of cushioned columns without knocking any over, as part of the save and replace task.

Shabby said after her success: “That means I’m not up for eviction, I forgot about that. You nominated me and I’ve got one more week.”

Then Big Brother announced she must choose someone else to take her place and face eviction on Friday.

She put Mario’s picture on the nominated board and said: “Sorry, sorry Mario,” before explaining: “I wanted to give Sunshine a week off.”

Mario went to cry in bed and when Ben and Sunshine tried to comfort him said: “Leave me alone!”

Then he sat up in bed and snapped: “I had to work so much harder than any of you to get my housemate status, I had to betray all of you in the middle of the night, and just because I don’t act like a spoilt brat and get myself nominated, now I am nominated.”

When the nominations had been announced earlier Shabby had just shrugged and said “standard”. Dave smiled, Govan laughed and Ben shrugged.

Ben, Dave and Govan had struggled to stay on the scooter at all, falling off at the bottom of the ramp on most of their three attempts at the task and knocking over columns.

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