Big Brother: Shabnam’s out!

Shabnam has become the first housemate to be evicted from the current series of Big Brother, ahead of fellow nominees Carole and Tracey.

The 22-year-old Londoner polled 81.4 per cent of the votes cast by the public, and left the house during the second live Big Brother show on Friday night.

On hearing the news, Shabnam said, “I knew it, I knew it!” She received hugs from her fellow housemates as she prepared to leave. “I’ve had a blast,” she said.

Charley, however, took the news badly and was in tears as Shabnam made her exit.

Meanwhile, Shabnam admitted she was nervous about how the crowd would react to her.

“I can hear booing,” she said to herself as she made her way up the stairs to the exit. “What have I done?? I’m fun!”

She eventually left the house to heckling and booing, despite trying to win the crowd over. “I love you all,” she shouted. “I’m sorry if I hurt any one of you!” She even broke into a dance routine in an effort to gain the crowd’s approval – without success.

During her eviction interview with Davina, Shabnam said she wasn’t surprised to be evicted.

“I was very outspoken, more than the other two, and I think I got on a lot of people’s nerves,” she said. “Maybe with Carole and Tracey there’s more to watch and in time they’ll start to come out.”

She wasn’t quite so nice about Charley, her ‘best friend’ in the house.

“I’ll be very honest,” she said, “In there, unless you’re there till the end of time, I don’t think anyone is anyone’s real friend. We could understand each other but she was at times very aggressive.”

“But I don’t think she means any harm.”

She had kinder words for the house lovebirds Ziggy and Chanelle. “I think it’s for real,” she said. “I’d like to think it will last. It’s nice to have some love in the house, with everybody bickering over hair straighteners.”

Shabnam’s eviction came just moments after four new men entered the house. She is the third person to leave the house so far this series, after Emily was removed by Big Brother and Lesley quit.

See Shabnam leaving the house and being interviewed in our photo gallery.

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