Big Brother: Shanessa and David out!

Halfway Housemates Shanessa and David have been booted out of the Big Brother house after losing the public vote.

Welsh care worker Shanessa – who made her mark by treating the housemates to a lap dance last weekend – scored 38 per cent of the votes while David, a 25-year-old Scot who claims to be a witchcraft practising pagan, was just behind her with 37 per cent.

David accepted his fate calmly when Davina McCall announced his name. “It’s all right babe – I thought I was going,” he said, hugging Kara-Louise.

Shanessa, meanwhile, said she was “happy to leave” but was taken aback by the crowd’s negative reaction to her name. “Why did they all boo me?” she asked.

Kara-Louise and Tracey, who were also facing eviction, have now been upgraded from Halfway Housemate to full housemate status after surviving the public vote.

Shanessa and David entered the Halfway House last Friday, along with Amy, Jonty and Kara-Louise.

David and Kara-Louise were chosen by the group in the main house to become fully-fledged housemates on Monday. Shanessa joined them on Tuesday after winning the jack-in-the-box task set by Big Brother.

However their stays in the main house were short-lived after Amy and Jonty were made housemates on Wednesday and the housemates had to choose replacements for them in the Halfway House.

They promptly sent Shanessa, David and Kara-Louise back there – along with Tracey – and they were then told they faced eviction.

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