Big Brother: Shanessa’s in!

Shanessa has become the latest halfway housemate to join the main Big Brother house after winning a task the four were set on Tuesday evening.

The 27-year-old care worker – who impressed the housemates in the main house with a lap dance on Sunday – took part in a human Jack In The Box challenge along with Amy, Jonty and Ziggy.

The quartet were instructed to dress in the costumes provided, hide in life-sized boxes and jump out at what they thought was the time designated by Big Brother.

The housemate who emerged closest to the given time – which was 8.10pm – would win the chance to join the group in the main house.

With no practical means of keeping time, the halfway housemates had to literally count down the minutes – which was not easy, given Big Brother’s insistence on playing the 80s hit Living In A Box loudly in the house.

“It’s to put them off counting,” Carole explained to the others, who were most bemused by the task.

“It’s a bit difficult to calculate an hour inside a box,” Gerry noted, while Liam said he would find the challenge “horrible”.

Eventually, Shanessa emerged from her box just before 8.30pm, shortly before Amy. Ziggy and Jonty both stayed put for another half hour before they jumped.

As a result, Shanessa is now a fully-fledged housemate. Of the five newcomers who entered the halfway house on Friday, only Amy and Jonty have yet to join the house.

See images from the Jack In The Box challenge in our photo gallery.

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