Big Brother: shock for eviction nominees

Big Brother housemates Kara-Louise, Amy and Jonty have been left reeling by a task twist on Tuesday, in which they saw who nominated them for eviction.

As part of this week’s time travel challenge, the trio travelled back to the previous day, where they were shown footage from this week’s nominations – and got to see exactly what their fellow housemates said about them.

All of which was unsettling enough – until in a further twist they were shown nominating each other for eviction!

Kara-Louise appeared to be the most upset, sobbing as she was branded “unexciting” by the others, who also accused her of being “ungrateful” for not making the most of her time in the house.

“I’m sad that I make them feel awkward. This isn’t what I am,” she said tearfully “I don’t want to be with people who think I’m boring and am being pathetic.”

Amy tried to comfort her but, as one of the people who had nominated Kara-Louise, was given short shrift. “I don’t want you to hug me!” the 22-year-old shrieked.

The glamour model, meanwhile, reacted with anger to the remarks made about her by the others, and yelled at the screen when she saw Carole suggesting she had come on the show “for the wrong reasons”.

Jonty, however, just laughed off suggestions from Brian and Gerry that he was juvenile. “It’s a bit unkind on the other housemates,” he said of the twist. “We have an advantage over them.”

There were more tantrums when the trio returned to the main house. Kara-Louise was comforted by the twins, while Amy immediately challenged Gerry over comments he had made about her doing Big Brother to “create publicity about herself”.

“They let the cat out of the bag tonight!” grinned Brian as it became apparent what had happened.

Fellow nominees Sam and Amanda were not subjected to nomination footage since they are up for eviction due to another twist in the time travel task and were not actually nominated by anyone.

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