Big Brother: ‘Sinner’ Ziggy’s hunger pains

Big Brother feasted on the housemates’ weaknesses on Sunday night, tempting Ziggy with a huge meal when his task was to withstand his vice.

Ziggy was led into the ‘Gluttony Room’ where all his favourite foods – king prawns, Black Forest gateau etc – were laid out on a bounteous table.

He was not, of course, allowed to touch it.

Last night Big Brother also told Charley: “As the most wrathful housemate you’re not allowed to show anger, raise your voice or scream.”

“That’s not fair, I wanted an outfit,” was Charley’s typically self-involved response.

She eventually thought through the challenge. “So I just don’t argue with anybody, or raise my voice. Walk out of the room when I see it coming – which I will.”

Like that’s going to work…

Amanda was nominated by Carole and after being called into the Diary Room on Sunday afternoon, she eventually emerged as… a giant hotdog.

“What’ve you got to do?” asked Charley.

“I’ve been stuck on the Diary Room floor for ages,” squealed Amanda as she tried to maintain her balance. “Ooh, what’s happening to my hotdog?” she laughed as she staggered around.

Gerry liked her new sense of style. “You look so cute,” he giggled, giving her a big hug.

“I wanna be a burger,” cried Laura, who will have to face a ‘sloth’ task.

Amanda read out her Big Brother ruling. “The proudest housemate must wear their outfit at all times,” she said, before adding, “The proudest housemate must keep looking in mirrors to a minimum.”

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