Big Brother: Sloppy punishment for housemates

The Big Brother housemates have received yet another punishment after failing this week’s shopping task.

They were told on Tuesday evening that not only would they not be getting any shopping budget at all, but that they would have to live on ‘Slop’ provided by Big Brother until further notice.

Every housemate will be given a personalised portion of Slop three times a day, which must be consumed at the dining table and must not be heated or seasoned in any way – and they are banned from eating or drinking anything else, except water.

And just to make things worse, nobody is allowed to leave the table until they have finished every last drop of their Slop.

Naturally, this has led to some discontented housemates,with Charley heading straight to the Diary Room to complain – but others have been more philosophical about their Slop diet.

“The first two spoonfuls were okay, because they’re just like porridge oats – a bit bland with a nutty taste,” he told Big Brother in the Diary Room later on.

“After two spoonfuls,” he continued, “it becomes this, like, eugh. And the boys have bigger portions to eat which is worse.”

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