Sophie Reade has won the tenth series of Big Brother, ahead of fellow housemate Siavash Sabbaghpour.

The 20-year-old model from Cheshire – who had been the bookies’ favourite to take the title – received 74.4 per cent of the final vote tally, compared to Siavash’s 26.6 per cent.

Earlier in the evening, Rodrigo Lopes finished in fifth place and Charlie Drummond was fourth, while David Ramsden came third.

Runner-up Siavash exited the house to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos – and was rendered almost unable to speak after losing his voice through all the excitement.

He described the whole scenario as “ridiculous” – and appeared embarrassed when asked about his close relationship in the house with Noirin, apologising to his ex-girlfriend over the whole affair.

“I’m so sorry,” he croaked, things are really weird inside the house, and things happen. There’s no hard feelings towards Noirin, she did nothing wrong.”

Meanwhile Sophie – who left the house to a rapturous reception from the crowd – appeared unable to believe she had won.

“I didn’t think I’d get on the show never mind win,” she admitted afterwards. “I’ve never won anything in my life. I just feel as if I’ve been accepted by people.”

“People think I’m tacky and an airhead because of what I do for a living, but now it’s as if they can see past that,” she said.

Afterwards Sophie was presented with prize money of £71,320, which she said she would spend on “charity and clothes”.

The prize money dropped from £100,000 down to zero as a punishment for the housemates attempting to escape the week before the final – but they gradually had the chance to win back some of the funds.

The remainder of the money will be donated to charity.