Big Brother evictee Stephanie has hit out at show producers over the fake relationship she was made to have with fellow housemate Mario.

The 19-year-old student – who was the first of this year’s housemates to get the boot – said that Big Brother had overstepped the mark by making her pose as Mario’s girlfriend and ‘marry’ him while in the house.

And she told the Sunday Mirror that she would have been more convincing had she been asked to be Lisa’s partner.

“It would have been more believable for me to be in a couple with Lisa,” she said. “I could have pulled that off much better.”

“I think the task with Mario was inappropriate – and I’ve been evicted because of it. Big Brother definitely overstepped the mark.”

“When he’d kiss me and wink at me and put his arm around me, I just felt so uncomfortable,” she added. “It made shivers go down my spine.”

“He made my skin crawl. He was a sleazebag.”

However, she did admit that she was attracted to Rex, and would have been much happier being asked to pose as his girlfriend.

“If it had been Rex I’d have been asked to marry I’d have been absolutely fine with that task,” she said. “I fancied him. I think there was definitely that thing where you click with someone.”

In other Big Brother news, the News of The World has revealed that Mohamed was in trouble with the law before entering the house.

The Somalian had to do community service after biting a police officer in a scuffle outside court, following a case about the murder of his cousin.

“It was a time of enormous grief and Mo reacted badly to the officer,” said a show insider.

“He has been one of the most gentle housemates and wants to win the prize money so he can help provide for his family, who are Somalian refugees.”