Steve Gill has become the ninth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, in the first of four evictions taking place on Friday night.

The 40-year-old, who was one of the first people to enter the house on launch night, learned the news shortly after Davina also revealed that Andrew had made it through to Tuesday’s final.

However as news of this continued to filter through the house Steve failed to hear Davina announce that he had been evicted – and so she had to read out his name a second time.

And the dad of eight took the news well, laughing when he heard he had been given the boot and hugging his fellow housemates. “It’s all right,” he told them. “I can’t wait to see my kids.”

He then exited the house to one of the best crowd receptions so far this year, shaking hands with audience members as they cheered him.

Afterwards Steve admitted in his eviction interview that at times he had allowed himself to be overshadowed by some of the bigger personalities in the house.

“I think I got to a certain point where I was sick of looking after the kids,” he said in reference to some of the younger housemates.

“It was like being at home. I wanted to stay away from that ’cause I do it at home so why do it on TV?”

However he added that it had been “a tough ride but a bloody good one”.

“I just wanted to put across that whatever happens to you in life, if it’s anything like what happened to me, that it proves that life can go on.”