Big Brother: Steven is out and has no regrets about having sex live on TV

Steven Goode was reunited with new love Kimberly Kisselovich after he became the ninth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Steven, 23, was in house for seven weeks but he thought his time might be up, he told Emma Willis in his post-eviction interview.

“I went in on the first day and would have like to still be in the house on the last day. I would have liked to make the final,” Steven admitted.

“You weren’t happy when you were nominated for eviction,” Emma observed.

“It’s very intense in there and you do feel a bit cheated, even though I nominated other people. Everyone will kick off about being nominated,” Steven insisted.

“But you did take it particularly personally,” Emma said to him.

“I don’t think you can not take it personally,” Steve answered. “I was offended by Ashleigh and Chris putting me up for nomination just purely based on the reasons [Ashleigh said she and Chris felt he talked about himself too much] they gave me and the fact that they contradicted themselves 24 hours afterwards. I just thought they could have been honest to my face. So I was a bit disappointed.”

And he looked it.

“Looking back, can you see where they were coming from?” Emma asked him.

“No, I can’t,” he answered. “They’re entitled to their opinions but I don’t necessarily agree with their decision. It’s part and parcel of the show, though.”

“What’s not part and parcel is falling in love,” Emma continued.

“I know,” Steven smiled. “It was really difficult after Kimberly left [because of illness]. I didn’t expect to fall in love with someone in the house. Everything I did was real.”

“Certainly a couple of things you did were real!” Emma exclaimed. “One of them was have sex on telly. Only five people have ever had sex in the Big Brother house that we know of and you’re one of them.
“Did you ever not just think, ‘You know what, I don’t think I should do this. I’m on telly’?” Emma continued.

“I didn’t,” Steven replied. “It was so unconscious. You just get a bit carried away in the moment, I suppose.”

“But you’re in a house with 50 cameras and 10 other people in the room,” Emma persisted.

“I know, but as I say, I don’t regret anything I’ve done in the house. Not everyone knew what we were doing. We did try to be discreet. It wasn’t like it was full-blown sex in a room with no covers on.”

“I know,” said Emma. “But it was the most graphic sex we’ve ever had. You see full-on missionary position. We know exactly what you’re doing.”

Steven laughed and squirmed with embarrassment.

“Let’s forget about sex now. There’s nothing we can do about it,” Emma continues. “You fell in love very easily.”

“I did,” Steven admitted.

“Is this normal for you? To some people, it was unrealistically quick,” Emma told him.

“I’ve fallen in love only once before,” Steven said. “So when I know, I know and, as I say, I do love Kimberly a lot – as cringy and cheesy as it may sound to everyone else.”

“I think part of the reason you’ve been voted out is the sex thing; people found it quite uncomfortable,” Emma said to Steven. “And I think the other part of it that during your relationship you sometimes appeared quite controlling.”

“Right,” said Steven, frowning.

“Do you think you behaved that way? Do you think she felt you were controlling?”
“I would say absolutely not,” Steven answered. “We had a lot to deal with [mostly the fact that Kimberley had a boyfriend on the outside] and we dealt with it together. I totally trust her.”

“You’ve talked marriage even,” Emma continued. “Do I need to buy a hat?”

“We had those conversations in a joking manner,” Steven said. “But I do believe she is someone that I will potentially marry, yes.”

Big Brother, Channel 5, continues nightly.