Big Brother strings along housemates

Another two sets of housemates have been punished by Big Brotherfor alleged rule-breaking – by being made to measure a ball of string and watch paint dry.

Chanelle, Charley and Gerry were sent to the vestibule on Wednesday afternoon and each given a ball of string and a 3cm ruler with which to measure it.

Later on Liam, Nicky and Sam were told to paint a stretch of wall with tiny brushes – and then watch the paint dry.

Remaining housemates Tracey and Ziggy face having to cut the lawn in the garden with nail scissors – and Amanda will be joining them in order to make up the numbers.

The punishment came after Big Brother claimed that three of the housemates had broken a ‘fundamental’ rule of the house – and said that the whole group would be punished in alphabetical order after nobody owned up.

Unbeknown to the housemates, however, the punishments are another Fake Week stunt, and no rules have in fact been broken.

Earlier in the day Amanda, Brian and Carole had to glue individual pieces of sweetcorn back on to an empty corn cob.

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