Big Brother: Stu is new head of house

Stuart has been named the new head of the Big Brother house after beating his fellow housemates in a chili-eating challenge.

On Saturday, Dale was told his time as head of house was at an end, and the housemates had a chance to compete for the position – by scarfing down as many super-hot chilis as they could in five minutes.

Housemates were awarded points for each chili they finished, with the person scoring the highest being named the winner.

Dale – who was playing for a place in heaven as he was ineligible to be head of house – Darnell and Kat went first, with Dale performing poorly, finishing only two of the chilis he was given and being sick at one point.

Darnell and Kat fared better, while Rachel and Luke failed to score any points at all.

Eventually, however, it was a closely fought battle between four housemates – Mo, Rex, Mikey and Stuart for the title – with Stuart pipping Mikey to the post by just four points.

“I didn’t want to be head of house,” he said afterwards. “I just wanted to win.”