He’s only been in the Big Brother house a couple of days but newcomer Stuart is already spicing things up with his flirtatious behaviour.

Sylvia, in particular, was very taken with the new arrival, and wasted no time in sharing a bath with him – then jumping into bed with him later on that evening.

And later on she pointed out that he had clearly been put into the house to shake things up.

“That’s how he is,” she told Dennis and Rebecca. “He just causes trouble – that’s what he does. Expect the unexpected with him.”

But she was quick to defend the 25-year-old as well. “He is a nice guy though, he’s not a malicious kind of person. He’s just trying to spice things up.”

Jennifer also turned her attentions to Stuart when he arrived in the house on Friday – much to the annoyance of Dale, who had been getting close to the 22-year-old over the past couple of weeks.

“Jenny seems taken by him,” Luke pointed out – and Dale was not happy.

“Don’t say that,” he snapped. “The last thing I want is to compete for a girl. Have they done this deliberately?”