Big Brother housemates Sylvia Barrie and Mohamed Mohamed are to face the public vote on Friday night.

Sylvia and Mohamed have annoyed other housemates with their constant bickering, causing them to receive the majority of nominations on Monday morning.

The pair haven’t got on since the show began after Mohamed suggested that he and Sylvia pretend to be a couple when they leave the house in order to secure magazine deals.

But Sylvia, who frequently talks about her boyfriend of four years, has frustrated housemates by flirting with new boy Stuart Pilkington.

After another embarrassing display on Sunday, lovesick Sylvia cried: “I’m going to be dumped.”

But her housemates weren’t impressed, with Luke saying: “God knows what’s happening with Sylvia’s boyfriend.”

Toy demonstrator Mohamed told Rex he suspected Sylvia, Luke, Dennis, Rebecca and Jennifer were the ones who nominated him.

Rex replied: “It’s not Sylvia. She keeps getting drawn into it. It’s Dennis, Jen and Dale. That’s the three that don’t like us.”

Meanwhile, Luke has revealed he has a ‘hit list’ of housemates he wants to be evicted.