Big Brother housemate Sylvia was reduced to tears after a row with Mikey in which he accused her of interrupting his sleep.

The 33-year-old was attempting to take an afternoon nap on Friday after being kept awake by Sylvia, Dennis and Rebecca the previous night – but was left fuming after Sylvia began having a conversation with Dale, Jennifer and Luke in the same room.

“I’m just in here having a chat,” she told him, “and last night I didn’t keep you up.”

“You were at it for an hour, and that’s twice you’ve done it,” Mikey told her, before accusing her of being selfish – and after that tempers flared.

“We’re not allowed to breathe, we’re not allowed to talk!” fumed the 21-year-old. “When I’m coming to bed, if I wanna have a giggle, if I wanna have a laugh, I’ll have a laugh!”

“I don’t appreciate being singled out,” she told him. “I was not the only one giggling. We do have young people in here that want to have fun, want to misbehave and want to act childish.”

Mikey pointed out that he had asked them to be quiet yet there had still been noise. “And it always seems to be you that’s involved,” he told Sylvia, who was not happy.

“Why have you not said it to Bex? Why have you not said it to Dennis? Why have you not said it to Luke? Don’t try to single me out!” she shouted before fleeing to the bathroom.