The Big Brother housemates have nominated for the second time this series – with either Sylvia or Mohamed facing the chop on Friday.

The nominations were revealed on Tuesday evening during Big Brother’s Little Brother – and were received with surprise by the other housemates.

“That has shocked me, one million per cent. Both people,” Dennis said at the news.

Mohamed smiled when his name was read out. “I couldn’t feel better,” said the toy demonstrator as he received a hug from Rex.

“I get to feel it now – now I know how Mario felt last week.”

However Sylvia’s response was cooler. “No one who nominated me is getting to hug me,” she declared. However she quickly relented and allowed the other housemates to show their support.

Afterwards, the housemates were left to speculate on who might get the boot come Friday.

“From an entertainment aspect, Mohamed will go,” Luke told Darnell, but he disagreed.

“Usually the hour of highlights that’s shown, everybody is involved,” the songwriter explained, “so when viewers see Mohamed he is super involved, like dressed as a girl on his birthday.”

“So in that one hour they get the most entertaining bits of everyone,” he then pointed out, “so now it’s whose entertainment is getting shown – Sylvia who is arguing or slagging everybody off, or Mohamed who’s probably enjoying himself and having a good time.

“So as to who’s going to go,” Darnell concluded, “I’m going to have to put my money on Sylvia.”

Meanwhile, the nominees shared a moment out in the garden. “Don’t worry about it,” Mohamed told Sylvia, “you’ll be fine. It’s just a game you’re playing.”

It is the first nomination for both Sylvia and Mohamed. Last week’s eviction, which was between Alexandra and Mario, was cancelled after Alexandra was removed from the house by Big Brother.

The first week saw Mario, Lisa, Stephanie and Luke up for eviction after failing the secret mission to convince the housemates that Mario and Stephanie were a couple.