Big Brother: Tashie Jackson is first out!

Tashie Jackson has become the first person to be evicted from the latest series of Big Brother, after losing out to fellow housemates Aaron Allard-Morgan and Harry Blake in the public vote.

The actress and belly dancer from Oxford – who had been the favourite to be evicted – was sent packing after she received the fewest number of votes from viewers, who this year are voting for the housemates they want to save.

Aaron received the highest number of votes from the public, leaving Harry and Tashie to battle it out.

And the 21-year-old looked stunned and emotional upon learning that she would be the first person to get the boot.

“I’m in total shock…is this a joke?” she asked her fellow housemates, who also looked surprised by the result.

She was also taken aback by the crowd’s reaction, asking the others why they were booing her – and received a largely negative reaction when she returned to the outside world.

However Tashie also had some words of encouragement for the others before she left.

“You’re all amazing people, you truly deserve to be here. I love you all. Thank for this incredible opportunity,” she told them.

Afterwards, she admitted she was “full of a lot of emotion” during her eviction interview – and was especially shocked by the crowd’s reaction to her.

“The booing is the most horrible thing that you could ever feel,” she said. “You feel like the world’s against you. But at the same time you hear the nice things so you try to focus on those.”

And she added, “I genuinely thought as long I was just myself I would do well in the house.”

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